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due to the long milonga abstinence indoors, new constellations are developing at the moment. there are lessons and milongas again in some of the places listed above. announcements of events reach me, which then have to be cancelled again i.e. it is better to ask the organizers directly if you are interested.

it is not only a pandemic caused by a constantly changing virus, but also one of ignorance.we sorely miss the past times of carefree dancing. of course, we wish for the coming months to return to that conductivity of encounter that we loved so much when dancing.

3 different milongas in kiel are now tango history. lastly, sara and alexander have now given up the galeria tango, which is appreciated by everyone. this is also a lovingly run place where we spent many a wonderful dance evening.

i look forward to seeing you, rené








the new is not born of nothing

for the prize of a hamburg tango trip

3.Alberto y su Cortinés