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covid 19 is not the partner we should dance with. dancing in the tango-typical embrace is explicitly the easiest way to spread the virus.

first milongas as a result of the relaxation, but always respecting the rules of hygiene.

somewhat conceptually swollen like 'practialonga', is danced on the knife edge again. In voluntary self-commitment existing corona rules are interpreted.

there are contact persons for every tango location mentioned on the website. To avoid false information at this place, please ask before ...

or bite into the sour apple of renunciation - avoid those locations where people still enthusiastically embrace each other, change partners, look densely packed, as always, sitting on the benches and looking at the much too full dance floor. the coat for the desire is currently the party tent in the outside area.







the new is not born of nothing

for the prize of a hamburg tango trip

3.Alberto y su Cortinés